The Mystery of  Mayahana massage therapy

Information and Comfort ……..

Finding the colors for the find the voice of the Soul


The inspiration for me to integrate art in the practice of healing came when I was a student of the INBA, in Mexico City, more than twenty years ago. It was at that time I learned about and identified with Frida Kahlo, the renowned Mexican artist. She and I have taken similar journeys at various points in our lives. This has connected me to her at the deepest levels.

Having spent large amounts of time in hospitals in Mexico and the U.S. - beginning as a young child at age five and throughout my adult years - my study of various art forms has, without question, helped enhance my healing process. This long journey with art as my companion has brought me a sense of life's beauty with color, design, and shapes that elevate the spirit in ways that heal the body and the soul..

Techniques & Skill Set………


Swedish Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

General Relaxation Massage

Wellness Massage

A wellness massage can become a journey into meditation and deep relaxation, enabling the client to let go of worries and stresses. The rest gives a boost of energy and fresh look at challenges.Here the focus is on relaxing muscle tissue and supporting the natural healing process of the body.

Wellness/healing, different approaches and methods are used. Some include Reiki, others ceremony from Shamanism, some do Healing,  energy principles from Chinese Medicine, or concepts from other modalities.



Let me dedicate my life today

to the care of those who come my way

Let me touch each one 

with healing hands

for the gentle art for which I stand

let the divine force flow from me to you 

let our energy 

and spirit renew

and then tonight when day is done

let me rest in peace 

if I helped just one

Tammy Pliego


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Tammy is a graduate of the Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy. She has experience assisting her clients with weight control, motivation, phobias, smoking, and insomnia. She has had success in diminishing or relieving discomfort from asthma, hay fever and other medical problems (upon a doctor’s referral).

In the First Step during the initial interview, Tammy and the subject will begin building rapport and set the intentions of the session. The level of success achieved in sessions is often determined in this stage.

Tammy Pliego H.

Tammy Pliego is an acclaimed psychic medium who has captivated audiences and clients throughout the Rocky Mountain Region, as well as Coast to Coast and in Mexico and Europe for more than two decades.
Tammy helps guide her clients into a more energized and honest exploration of their inner feelings by offering a deeper connection through her own unique sensory gifts, and this down to earth approach has earned her a loyal following. 
Tammy has been interested in the creative function of energy since the early-1970s. 
She received her Bachelor Degree of Fine Arts from the Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes (INBA), in Mexico City and has studied with numerous healers, artists, Qigong  Masters and therapists as she has practiced and mastered the art of energetic healing.
Tammy conducts seminars around the country, and uses her love for art to deepen her appreciation for symbolic expression, believing .....
“The Art of living is the highest Art”. A healing in Central

The Power of Meditation……..


"The practice of meditation is one of my most important beliefs, and I know that the power of meditation can transform lives."

I have spent many hours exploring, examining and experimenting with various kinds of meditation and I have been blessed to learn from many masters. 

Meditation is the most powerful way to reduce stress in one's life and help create peace of mind and when regularly practiced, creates and enhances a whole-brain thinking, increases mental abilities, stimulates creativity, and helps sharpen focus and concentration. Meditation also helps protect us from serious physical and emotional problems that are typically caused by stress.

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Menu / Price List

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